May 11, 2009

God is good.

I don't think I fully grasp just how much God takes care of me...

I go through life and just assume that the good things that come my way are thanks to me!

(HA! How self-centered and egotistical am I?!)

I've been having to put a lot of money in my car lately.

(And by "a lot" I mean I could've paid for a two week vacation to France)


This past weekend felt like the last straw. My camel's back is broke. My car started over-heating and leaking coolant. A potentially easy fix, right?

Well... They replaced the thingamajig and the dew-hickey.

(Technical terms for engine thermometer and radiator cap)

I left the mechanics with a bounce in my step. Believing all would be well with my car. At least for a little while. I mean, it's eight years old, something else is bound to go wrong, right?

And of course, it does... It happens not an hour later, in line at a Costco gas pump. My engine starts to over-heat. Again. Images of lighting her (my car is a she) on fire, pushing her off a cliff or taking a bat to her play over and over in my head.

My reoccurring fantasies since the beginning of this whole debacle.

I went back to the mechanic. He decided that my car should participate in a "slumber party" along with several other cars at his shop. So that's where she is. Not safe in my garage, ready for me to take her out to work in the morning, but in some mechanic's shop.

Here's the twist to this whole story and the reason that I believe more today than yesterday (because apparently I need daily reminders) that GOD HAS MY BACK. Had it not been for the fact that I got extra work this weekend. I would not be able to pay for the work that is happening to my car.

God knew that I'd have an obstacle in my path and provided me with a solution to go around it.

God is good.


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