Jan 30, 2009

25 things...

Thought I'd carry this over from facebook...

25 random facts about me

1. I LOVE fish tacos
2. I can bend my tongue in half...
3. I want to move to France
4. I sometimes dream in French
5. I prefer homemade to store bought food
6. I would rather be at Disneyland than watching the Super Bowl
7. I love the smell of books, rain, puppy breath, babies, sun block, and jasmine
8. God has blessed my life beyond measure. I am forever indebted to Him and grateful that I know Him
9. I wish I had a green thumb
10. I hate walking around in wet shoes. It makes me cranky.
11. I smile... a lot.
12. I miss my Nama, every day.
13. I am not quite sure where my place is in this world
14. I love looking at model homes
15. I am a control freak
16. I eventually want to build my own house... and fill it with family
17. I hate all things dealing with roast, pork chops, stew, cassarole... SICK.
18. I am an Angels fan... Except for when I'm around the Talleys... then I'm a Dodgers fan.
19. I want a tattoo but will never get one.
20. I like to challenge myself
21. I usually sleep without a top sheet
22. I love documenting my life through photos
23. I really really love tea parties, I'm hooked
24. I'm a dreamer, and when I dream... I dream BIG
25. I have a freckle on the bottom of my left foot, the palm of my right hand and near the corner of my right eye

Jan 29, 2009

The Runner's Playlist

I have FINALLY concocted the perfect playlist for my run this Sunday! Yay! It took me about two and a half weeks to tweak and change around the songs until I had them all in synchronized into a harmoniously motivating album... It's what will keep me going when my legs will want to fail me...

Well, the songs, and the crowd of joggers behind me. I really dont want to be trampled to death. I have plans to go to Disneyland later in the day.

What exactly do I have in my playlist you ask?

Well I made an iMix for your listening pleasure!

Let me know what you think! Think of me if you're conscious at 7.15am Sunday morning!

Jan 25, 2009

The morning after...

Why is it that on my lazy day, I can't think of anything fun to do?

Yet, the morning after, I thought of TONS of things I could've done. Scrapbooking (I'm still not finished with my scrapbook from my year in France... and that was 2005/2006), finish crocheting my scarf (started in the beginning of December), read (I have a bazillion books I want to read! And did I read yesterday? Nope), play Guitar Hero (My plan is to be the best... in the world.), or take a nap (I never take naps...).


I need to make a list for the next time I have a lazy day.

Jan 24, 2009

A Lazy Day

In theory, they're great. Everyone wants one, everyone is usually too busy to get one.

The days we're not working are filled with chores and errands. Clean the bathroom, do the laundry, go to the grocery store, clean the kitchen. All important things. Things that, if neglected, would cause chaos. When errands are done, things are clean and all is chaos free, we make plans with friends perpetuating our busy days and pushing our lazy days further off.

Until, finally, the day comes. All the planets are in line, you've seen it coming, the eye of the storm. The moment where you can take a breather from your hectic schedule to just relax and do nothing.

Today is that day for me.

My lazy day.

And it's now, oh, 11.30ish and I'm bored. I have no idea what to do with myself on a lazy day.

I've been looking forward to this day for the whole week! Knowing that if I was lucky, if I planned it right, I'd have to not have to do ANYTHING today... Now I'm bored. What do I do?

Maybe I'll go sweep the kitchen.

Jan 19, 2009

Meme theif...

Okay, so this is a "Four" Meme.

Here goes:

4 Dishes I Like to cook...

  1. Italian. There's this pasta dish by Giada de Laurentiis that I'm in love with... Well, I'm in love with everything she cooks and her... Anyway, it has sausage, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesean, and fresh mozerella mixed with penne pasta. It's wonderful.
  2. Technically, it's not cooking... but I love salad... I can't get enough of it. And one of my favorite dressings is a homemade dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and honey. Can't get much better than that.
  3. Steamed veggies. I eat them practically every night, and they never get old.
  4. Salmon. There's this pecan crusted salmon we get from Trader Joe's... It's so good. I'd eat it everyday if I didn't fear mercury poisoning.

4 Qualities I Love in People:

  1. Perserverance. I'm in awe of people who when kicked while they're down, get up and dust themselves off and continue. Wow.
  2. Honesty. Does this really need to be said? I mean, just flippin be honest folks, really. What's the dang point in lying?
  3. Faith. If you don't have faith, you have nothing.
  4. Loyalty. I really really really hate fake people. If you don't like me, stop being friendly in front of me and talking crap behind my back. If you've got beef with me, confront me.

4 Places I Have Been:

  1. France. I'd go back in a heart beat... Oh, what? You bought me a ticket? =]
  2. Solvang. Amazing little Danish touristy town near Santa Barbara. If you haven't been there, go.
  3. Texas. Uh, I was born there.
  4. Germany! Ja!

4 Things in My Bedroom

  1. Books. A load of them.
  2. iHome. If it weren't for this fine piece of technology, I wouldn't get up on time.
  3. Earrings. More earrings than any one person should really have. I love me some earrings.
  4. Two really old cameras. Circa 1950. Bought them at some open air markets while in France. Merci France!

4 Dirty Words I Like

  1. Merde/Schei├če. It doesn't really count if it's in another language... Right?
  2. Hunh... I really don't have any other dirty words that I like...
  3. Damn.
  4. Ok... So sue me. I don't curse like a sailor.

And with that, I am tagging:

1. Kym

2. Aurora

3. Katie

4. Astrid

Jan 17, 2009

Two weeks, one day.


I'm scared and nervous and worried. What the H did I get myself into???

What made me decide that I should try to run a 5k marathon???

Ugh, I'd give anything to go back in time to my September (?) 2008 self and kick me in the butt.

I now have 2 weeks and ONE day until my run. Eeek. But really, with all my training and my stubbornness... I can do it... Right?


Hmm. Well in two weeks and one day. I guess we'll see what I'm really made of...

Jan 11, 2009

You can stop now.

Dear Death,

Although your job requires you to fulfill certain obligations, I don't appreciate you using my family for a game of dodge ball, where you're the ball.

So, to give me (and my family) some reprieve I've made a list of demands... I mean, requests if you will, for you in lieu of knocking off all my family members until we don't exist.

1. Limit your family death toll to 2... per decade. This includes distant cousins, great aunts, adopted family members, and anyone twice removed, not just the immediate family.

2. Go on a vacation.

One that's very far away, where perhaps no other people live...

Maybe Pluto.

3. Retire. You've been doing this job for so long, I think it's time you gave it up.

4. If retiring is not an option, go on strike. I hear it's... "pleasant". You can demand better benefits, more pay, less hours... Less people to kill/take...

5. Kill only bad people... i.e. murders, drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, etc. Rid the world of the THOSE people, thus making this world a better place. It's a win, win situation. You get to do your job, we get to keep our families AND we live in a safer world. What could be so bad about that?

I know that your doing God's will and all, but can you talk to Him about perhaps, I don't know, increasing my families average life expectancy by, maybe 10... 50 years?

Please take my demands... er, requests into consideration and let me know... Before you kill off anymore people in my family.


Jan 8, 2009

Couldn't put Humpty back together again...

What a strange riddle to think of after experience an earthquake! Weird!

This evening I was playing Guitar Hero, workin' on my skills. You know, rockin' out. And I heard this rumble, before I could do anything the living room was shaking.

The walls of my house were shaking.

Take a moment...

Things like this, make you think about the fact that we're lucky it wasn't the big one...

You know what I'm talking about right? I mean, the news talks about it every single time we have an earthquake that's news worthy.

If not, lemme catch you up with the very much abridged version.

The San Andreas Fault line which runs the length (about 800 miles) of the state of California, runs very, very close to my backyard. In fact, it runs in the backyard of my university, California-State University, San Bernardino. Which is within walking distance of my house.

Yay me.

It's been said that, any day now, part or ALL of California is going to break off from the United States and float out into the open sea causing a new government to spawn. A "utopia", if you will, will be conceived and who will be named leader???

Me. Obviously. :)

Ok, not really.


But seriously? A study, done by Yuri Fialko (don't ask me how to say his name...) of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, shows that stress along the southern part of the fault line has slowly been accumulating over approximately 300 years. Historical records show that the San Andreas Fault experienced massive earthquakes in 1857 at its central section and in 1906 at its northern segment (the San Francisco earthquake). No one will forget the S.F. earthquake, nor the Northridge earthquake for that matter...

So, 300 years of pent up energy...

Two tectonic plates, pushing so hard against each other for thirty decades without going anywhere... That's pretty scary.

The unfortunate thing is we haven't figured out how to tell when an earthquake will occur. No shaman with his ear to the ground, no crystal ball, no overweight balding middle aged science prof can accurately forecast an earthquake. (Drat!)

So the moral of the story kiddies? Be prepared! Like the good ole boy scouts.

Want to watch a video of what it might look like??? Click here.

Jan 5, 2009

5k Marathon

Remember that 5k marathon I've been training so hard for?? Well, it's coming!!! It's in February and this marathon is for a cause. The cause is called the Free Wheelchair Mission which you can read about on this website.

I love helping out with charities whenever possible and I'd really appreciate it if you could show your support for me through a monetary donation to this charity. Any small amount helps!!! Thanks!!!

To make donations, please use the secure website below.