Jun 10, 2009

I got into a car accident last week on Monday... June 1st. Great way to start of the month, right?

My car's totaled and now I have to buy a new one. Which is actually good in a way because I wanted to a new one to begin with.

Anyway, everyone involved in the accident is okay. Nothing more than cuts and bruises and of course the soreness that comes with a collision.

Unfortunately, I can't get the image of my car hitting the other car and the sound it made out of my mind. Have you ever experienced that? You see something so shocking, so upsetting that you just can't get it out of your minds eye?

It plays over and over again like a little movie clip. Thankfully, since a week has passed it's lessened. I just wished it'd go away completely.

RIP 06/01/2009


  1. Astrid said...
    I still "see" the car that hit us in the fall 2007. It came face on, and we could see that the girl in the other car wouldn't make the turn and we just had to brace ourselves. However, the shocking feeling has disappeared and all that remains is a neutral memory. LIke for you, nobody got hurt and that is a big, big relief!
    sleepyjane said...
    Wow, I am so glad that no one was badly hurt! Only time can lessen the shock of the accident though.

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